Why B&G are one of the best construction companies in Dublin

29 June 2022

Searching for the best construction company in Dublin? If you’re new to what we do at B&G Construction, read on to find out what we’re all about.

What do we do at B&G Construction?

B&G Construction are a premium construction partner that specialises in high-end private home and commercial fit outs. We provide a complete, professional package through partnering with select teams, executing top quality craftsmanship, and providing its clients with a dedicated team. When you work with us you can be assured that your project will be carried out to the highest standard, in every aspect.

The company was founded in 2006 by Richard Fitzmaurice and Gary DeLoughry, both carpenters by trade, and Project Director, Bernard Fitzmaurice. Since then, we’ve been joined by Commercial Director, Marcus Fitzmaurice. We are currently heading up a team of 18 tradesmen. 

Our vision and mission

Building visions with precision

Our reputation is everything to us. It’s how we’ve built B&G Construction so far and it’s the foundation of what we will do going forward. Trust, honesty and integrity are our guiding principles.

We know that renovation and construction projects can be costly and stressful. Our top priority is to build trust with you so that you feel comfortable and know you’re in safe hands. This is why we take care of each project from start to finish, coordinating with design and quantity surveyor teams to ensure each stage of the process is completed, from sourcing specialists and materials to hiring tradesmen. 

Experts in time and project management, we have developed systems so that each stage of the process is smooth and clearly defined, with key dates and milestones precisely mapped out for both clients and design teams. This keeps us on track for completion and makes for an overall well-run project. 

What our clients and partners think of us is important to us. We want to wow our clients with the results of our workmanship, sure, but we also want them to enjoy the process of working with us. For our partners, we want to build long-standing, collaborative working relationships with select teams so that we can all do what we do best: creative, high-quality work. 

If you’d like to see some examples of our construction projects and renovations, have a look through our current projects, current projects, here.

We have more exciting projects in the pipeline. If you are interested in working or partnering with us, please feel free to contact us.

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