Veterinary clinic transformed into state-of-the-art facility

15 September 2023

B&G Construction were recently contracted to renovate a veterinary clinic in the heart of Blanchardstown village. A dormer-style building, it was in need of a transformation. As renovation specialists, we were experienced in similar projects. However, the unique challenge with this project was that the clinic had to remain open throughout the entire renovation process. This required careful planning and execution to ensure minimal disruptions to the daily running of the clinic.

A phased approach 

We took a phased approach to this project, which allowed the veterinarians to carry on with their daily routines, without any major disruptions. As it was a clinic, we had to be exceptionally conscious of health and safety standards throughout the project, ensuring that it could continue to operate without any compromises. 

As with any renovation project, especially with older buildings, unforeseen challenges arose as building works commenced. However, the team’s experience and adaptability allowed us to tackle these challenges without compromising on quality.

In the end, these challenges proved to be opportunities for B&G Construction to showcase our expertise in turning a dated structure into a state-of-the-art facility while respecting the needs of both the building’s users and its visitors.

A modern, state-of-the art facility 

As the project nears completion, the once-dated veterinary clinic has been transformed into a modern, state-of-the-art facility. The clients are thrilled with the progress and results achieved so far. They are especially pleased with how diligently we adhered to the project’s timeline and the way we resolved any issues that have come up along the way.

The success of this project reminds us that with the right design team in place and a thorough understanding of the unique challenges at hand, even the most complex renovation projects can be executed seamlessly. This particular team included Darragh Lynch Architects, John Paul Dillon Quantity Surveyors, and Doherty Finnegan Kelly Consultant Engineers, whose collective expertise were essential in achieving these remarkable results.

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