Meet B&G’s Construction Director, Gary De Loughry

29 June 2022

B&G Construction’s Construction Director, Gary De Loughry, a carpenter by trade, brings with him a wealth of experience in the construction industry to B&G.  

Gary’s area of expertise is in on-site management, making sure that everything runs smoothly so that we can deliver on time and on budget. A motivator for Gary is the satisfaction of a successfully completed project and delivering on that wow factor for our clients. 

At B&G Construction, we are experts in time and project management and have developed systems in order for each stage of the process to run smoothly, with key dates and milestones precisely mapped out for both you and design teams. This keeps us on track on site and makes for overall well-run and satisfying projects. 

Meet the other members of the B&G Construction team: Richard Fitzmaurice, Managing Director, Marcus Fitzmaurice, Commercial Director and Bernard Fitzmaurice, Project Director. 

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