Working with B&G Construction: Darragh Lynch, Architect

25 July 2022

“I am focused on the impact that the design will have on the client,” says Lynch, “and B&G delivers great service to my clients.”

Darragh Lynch

Malahide-based architect and business owner Darragh Lynch has one focus— his clients. Lynch’s practice, primarily focused on housing, refurbishment extensions and upgrades, is centred around the impact that design can have on a client’s space. Darragh has worked on multiple projects with B&G, and recently sat down to reflect on his process. “We work very hard in the design phase to try to get that right, and I think that’s probably the biggest value that we add,” said Lynch. 

Lynch began working with B&G Construction when he started his practice nine years ago, and has kept them on ever since. “I really love working with these guys, they’re just a pleasure to deal with and keep things honest.” Over the years, Lynch has gotten to know the team’s strengths through many projects, “Richard is great on the tender side, Marcus is smart on the money side of things, and Bernard is a pleasure to deal with on site,” said Lynch, “It’s not that there are no problems, but when there are problems they are always solution focused.” 

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, many challenges arose that made common projects and builds more difficult. Despite times where deadlines had to be pushed and materials were out of stock, honesty was at the centre of all communication with B&G. “B&G has always been able to work with me to find a solution, even working in extremes with COVID, their performance has been exemplary,” said Lynch. 

Recently, Lynch completed a large project with B&G that was very complex from a building site and budget point of view. “When we went up to show the client, they were just thrilled,” said Lynch, “There is nothing more rewarding than hearing someone describe their house as their dream home after a complicated build.” 

The owner of this recent build, Ronan Colleran, was delighted with the final outcome and experience. “It is clear to see these guys take great pride in their projects, which made the experience more engaging for me,” said Colleran.

Above all else, for Lynch the best part about working with B&G is the people. “Most of my interaction is done with either Richie, Bernard or Marcus, all of whom are a pleasure to deal with. They just say it as it is,” said Lynch, “Having a working relationship with them is incredibly valuable, and it doesn’t hurt that the fellas on the site are great too.”

Lynch is always looking to put his customer first, more focused on a client’s goal than explaining or pushing architecture theory. “I am focused on the impact that the design will have on the client,” said Lynch, “and B&G delivers great service to my clients.” 

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