Working with B&G Construction: Jonny Kilfeather, Wilson Hill Architects

9 December 2022

Bringing a contemporary design to life in Sutton

One of the biggest challenges architects face is bringing a design to life that works well from an architectural point of view and is also functional and feasible for the client. Having reliable new build construction companies build a customers’ design is crucial. Jonny Kilfeather of Wilson Hill Architects recently talked to us about his experience of working with B&G and the process of how we partnered to make their contemporary design a reality.

​In 2019, work commenced on a new beach-side build in Sutton with a unique design concept that incorporated the strand and sand dunes, melding a highly contemporary design with the natural surroundings and more traditional builds in the area. Having worked on previous projects with B&G before, Wilson Hill Architects were confident in the quality of B&G’s workmanship and our experience of working on similar contemporary designs in the past. Over the course of these projects, a good working relationship had been established. Jonny notes that these qualities, along with our competitive tender, made B&G a good fit for Wilson Hill Architects on this project.

“Personable, Very Professional and Organised”

For Jonny, the most important factor in a successful build is communication. “From tender to construction, transparency and good communication is key,” says Jonny. This creates trust and helps smooth out challenges as they inevitably arise. COVID-19 interrupted this particular build, putting it on hiatus for some time. Once building could re-commence, Johnny says that working with Marcus and Bernard was “very straightforward.”

“B&G were great to work with,” says Jonny. “They are very organised in what they do. Any time there 
were hiccups, they solved any questions quickly and made sure there was no major impact.” This made for an enjoyable work experience, with Jonny adding that “The guys were nice to work with—personable, very professional and organised. They made things that bit easier.”

​The Finished Result

The highlight of the project for Jonny was seeing the design come off the ground and the stunning result. Jonny says it’s “more of a home than a building,” thanks to internal finish B&G completed and that the clients are thrilled with the result.

View the images of the completed project, here.

To learn more about Wilson Hill Architects, please visit their website.

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